About ArtByAI – Computers Creating Art By Artificial Intelligence

Many excellent software programs exist to enable artists to use computers to create great pieces of art.

ArtByAI is very different. It provides software tools and settings to enable computers to produce abstract art with varying degrees of human oversight.

ArtByAI collects data for each piece of art together with human evaluations of the art. Then ArtByAI uses Artificial Intelligence to improve a computer's performance as it creates additional pieces of art.

ArtByAI is in its earliest stages. Please keep track of our progress by liking our Art-By-AI Facebook page, following us on Twitter @ArtByAI, signing up for our Newsletter below and stopping back here at www.ArtByAI.com.

We do not give names to pieces of art because we do not want to restrict a viewer's imagination.

20% of ArtByAI Sales are donated to support urban ministries in Indianapolis.

Feel free to contact us with questions or comments using the contact information shown below.